Brianna Hartley - Patient Care Assistant

Brianna Hartley's family roots are here in Southeast Alaska. Born in Juneau, she's loved living in this beautiful place her entire life. Spending time outside of work with her family is everything to her. She enjoys hiking, harvesting plants and berries, fishing, swimming and bowling, attending large family events and Holidays. Brianna and her husband have a handsome 8-year-old son who completes their lives.

Her work background includes several years of customer service and medical reception experience. Previously, she has worked in the Dental field for 5 years. Wanting to expand on her knowledge of patient care and medical treatments, she joined our team to learn more about chiropractic care and other ways of helping people in their everyday life. Brianna is very happy to be a part of Arctic's team and can't wait to continue learning new and exciting aspects of chiropractic care.